Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What is Map My Cat?

So we have a cat, well we have three cats actually. One of them is a ‘little’ overweight, so we put her on a diet. She didn’t seem to loose any weight. We assume she is probably finding other food sources, like friendly neighbours. So what did we do next?  Well, normal people would do things like keep their cats inside (ours are kept inside at night but allowed out during the day), or maybe they would buy a tag that says do not feed. But we are geeks and needed a more sophisticated solution. So we brought a GPS logger and attached it to our cat. Then we collated the data, utilized  Open Source GIS software, Open Street Map and Google Earth to analyse her daily movement patterns – and well – this blog is to present the results of our experiments.

We will be presenting maps, our research questions and conclusions, GIS data on request and of course, lots of cat pictures.

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