Sunday, 15 September 2013

Where is Corsair?

Corsair is a troublesome kitten. She likes to pick flowers and leave them on our floor, she likes to get into things she shouldn't. Just the other day she managed to get locked in our car. She had obviously jumped in while Nigel was unloading groceries and then when I got in the car two hours later, she was curled up sleeping in the back seat, not at all fussed about being trapped in the car.

But I am worried about Corsair today, she hasn't come home since Saturday morning and so we worry.

Now cats are cats, she will most likely saunter in completely unconcerned right when we have given up hope of seeing her again, or more likely at 3am, wet and hungry and demanding food and hugs.

She has a collar with a phone number tag on, and she is microchipped, so I like to think that if something happened we would get a call.

Also - we have all this handy GPS data, months worth now (yes, I know its ages since I made a post).  So we know how far she is traveling and where she is hanging out.  We know she isn't going more than about 200m in any direction, so we are concentrating our search efforts within that radius.

It's also been suggested that we do a letterbox drop, asking people to check their garages for trapped cats. Rather than spamming the entire neighbourhood, we will look at the data and just leave notes in the letterboxes of properties that we can see she is going into or near.

Technology - ain't it grand.

Personally - I just want her to come home safe and sound.

Edit: After three nights away Corsair came home. Unfortunately she wasn't wearing the GPS when she disapeared so we dont know where she went.